Guidance Gives Us Something To Believe In

(Puma concolor) aka: Mountain Lion, Puma

(Puma concolor) aka: Mountain Lion, Puma (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Young mountain lion kittens

Young mountain lion kittens (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

A while back I had a dream of a big cat chasing me, yet not attacking, she was my ally, my totem of good medicine to help me with these next steps.  I went to all my favorite animal books trying to discover which big wild cat it was.  Just now when I wrote mountain lion it hit me, leadership.

A place I do not like even to this day to find myself in.

Again, what does leadership mean to each of us personally?

  • Influence
  • charisma
  • counsel
  • trailblazing
  • direction
  • guidance
  • Potency

“Action, not position.”  Donald Mc Gannon

We really like designing stories on these pretty pages. I really like taking pictures and remembering them and where I was at and what I was feeling by telling a story of the smoking shadows that seemed to be lurking in the fog rising up between the trees.  Knowing a mountain hid behind the ground cover fog, we felt a shiver right behind the thought, these big cats called Mountain Lions aren’t afraid of the fog.

“Then neither shall I be if I want to share their message.”

Yes again, like I first started out in any paid writing that ever came my way.  Thank you enormously Hub pages for giving all the wonderful lessons we continue to profit from and grow better prepared to push publish.  Yet, it didn’t start there.  First thing I discovered online were the search engines.  It answered the first burning questions.  What and where can I write on here?  When I discovered it was so much more than writing, I was hooked.  To stick to my original dream of just writing, I couldn’t.

Believe me, I tried, I really did.  Not 100 percent obviously, or I’d  burn myself with the all-consuming fire of desire  as I danced so close to the childhood writing dreams.

I am of fire, I have to know how much I can endure to work with it before it consumes me.  It is not enough to just see the fire, nor feel warmth, I have to know how to start one and put it out by myself.  In that, I am closer to how much heat I can endure before it is too hot to handle.

“Isn’t it smarter to not get burned?”

Hold yourself back oh creative word writer, it is not time yet for your flowery show of smooth talking words that color the pages.  Who says?  No one has ever answered that question directly, yet, a flicker of fear taps on my shoulder with enough hesitation that the spark of fire gasps for air.  So, I have learned to keep the ambers slowly burning, a glowing spark draws too much attention.

Back to the subject, before everyone jumps off the page, you know, you’ve seen it on their faces, nobody is listening anymore, no one is there.  Now when it comes to just plain oh whatever strikes my fancy writing like this the arms and shoulders quiver like the arrow from the bow wanting to release a power that floats in and through and back out of us through our fires of life to a page, described in

Sweet mind, we know you are not alone in this sharing of the ancient writing dreams.  Now you’ve been freed from your shackles once again.  Build characters, give us thoughts names.  We are not just birds, or cats, we are mountain lions and hawks.

“Excuse me, back to the class room now my little storyteller”.

“Yes, oh mighty warriors of my writing ancestors, we had a wonderful day of listening in the woods today didn’t we?”

Now because I still don’t know very well how to save the voice notes I write on my iPhone, alas, a beginning idea I read out loud while sitting safely in my car, watching the rain…..

Fear was the only word left.

Disappeared, right before my eyes. The whole story, trying to explain the fascination of that long ago written history.  Well, I was in too many places out in cyber space.  Not even watching the billowing sea, yet could not help listening to it as the wind and waves crashed all around me down at the beach.

As I later took my walk amongst a favorite trail in the forest my writing ancestors and teachers that taught me how to do this from the very beginning with paper and pen stand amazed in the heavens beyond with continued reprimands and praise at how the writing and reading world has changed and still remained the same.

My battle has always been in choosing to let go of books totally, no more physical page to the future only with the new technology, save the trees and all that harmony of ideas.

“For every question asked is there an answer?”

How do you be a writer and turn around burn the trees wood and reduce her down to paper to publish that bestseller?   With the internet technology some say it can be done.  Not to market it to the people who still have only knowledge of books….Peace and Harmony we have not found yet in our spot in this world.

As the comfort of in the middle harmony continues to color my world with all its rainbow hues of acceptance we have found our sacred space.  We stand here a top the balancing toys of some of then, some of now, and hooray for the future we continue to dream about.

So this beginning of things we believe in, desire, want, and need in our lives started way back then when we made an awfully strong promise to someday publish their stuff if it stayed in our possession.

Well, it has, tattered and torn for the many years of hanging onto it, reading it over, sharing it a bit, reading it, writing my own ideas on the subjects.  Now it is time to put to the page how they felt about things.

Uncensored, the pages given to a generation of their off spring.  Finally keeping my promise to share it, publish it, celebrate it for the next 7 generations of the children by doing our part of sharing the wheel of ancestors that believed in storytelling and keeping the memories alive.

Did they know at the time how much more they are remembered because of it?  Maybe that is why we haven’t as many words to explain why we love the sky.  Along the other side of some family trees the words weren’t recorded as much.  Sometimes we’d spent much more time outside in the hearty forest worlds, other times in communities of all the different cities they lived.

Teaching us much about living in any type of environment, as long as we could get to any place we wanted with an always ready packed suitcase.  Expanding our view, such masters at it, so much-loved history.

With such a loving blend of nature and teaching of the 3 R’s, Writing, Reading, Arithmetic , still find myself arguing with them about why 3 Rs, when they don’t all start with that.  An easy way to remember them is all that was said.

Thankfully, we grow sure with a steadier confidence they are pleased to see.   We journey to become a little more logical in our reasoning.

The seasoning of the years have brought many astounding pleasures of children and some travel and this wonderful internet space to unravel.

Logic still wants to take our bodies and roll them over in our graves, hauntingly reminding us of all the pages before these that have been written, killed off, destroyed, let go of with the ever echoing scream of

NO I cannot DO this.

Cougar / Puma / Mountain Lion / Panther (Puma ...

Cougar / Puma / Mountain Lion / Panther (Puma concolor) closeup. Philadelphia Zoo (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Now we can, and will, it is time.  We no longer feel like we are falling two steps behind or so far ahead of ourselves we can’t see or trust where we are going.

Seven years ago when we committed ourselves to this writing life, no matter what, forever, for the rest of our life, we have been “coyote” challenged and “dragonfly” illusions right along with my “hummingbird” joy and “mountain lion” pride.

Yet, it is a place I can write about and understand just a bit.  If nothing else, I can be humble once again under their wonderful leadership ring of the stories they told that really have, all my life, closer to the retiring end than I wanted to be before admitting it, yet, here I am….

Thank you my loving ancestors for the leadership of love, joy, peace, happiness, laughter, and harmony that you still teach.  Your circle is eternally connected to mine and only one strand of it do I claim, now, proudly, without shame.

A story tellers voice.  A lover of history and nature and remembering and looking forward to the eternal gatherings.

The final touches are expressed wherever this leadership story meets its conquest…We give you here the example so we can understand it better ourselves.  Purple Coat StorytellerWonders to See


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