Back In The Day



Don’t want no more of

These ole legs been achin’ all week.

Gots to talk to Doc Bensen bout that.

Can’t be havin’ my legs not a workin’

just before the harvest.

Must a been that steep hilly walk,

or them old shoes, I be needin’ me

some new ones.

Maybe all that tension from silly nilly’s

at work all day.

Oh, pay no never mind.

Just get in to that thar nice

hot tub,

rub some o dat thick latherin’ lotion

you got layin’ over yonder and git

yer pretty little body into the tub.

Workin is awaitin’ for ya tomorrow,

even if ya don’t have to go until

afternoon time.

Gots lotta chores still a waitin’.

Always plenty to do round the place.

None of the fellers get  round to doin’

it much, they is all a well meanin’ hard

workin’ outside bunch,

ain’t worth a hill o beans in the kitchen.

Let em sprawl out on the porch and leave us

to our aches and pains.

Here ya go dear, get in to soakin’ in that tub.

Go get yer rest now, sleep away.



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