More Money in Your Pocket

Wow!  This is such a fun roller coaster ride.  Slowly but surely discovering all these wonderful sites that for years were trying to hide.  Glad to have found you, glad you are on my side.  It is such a ride being connected to all of you.


StumbleUpon oh the places we go, my list of friends and pages to go has opened up the world of travel into the cyberspace and making it a reality.  Such an impressive bunch.


I found there and too.  It is truly exciting to see what new ideas you are up to.


So much to learn, so much to do.  On much reading is going on about budgeting, how to write a selling article and more places to find good links.  Try this list on for size.  eHow and Squidoo have hit the top.  Still much research to do on NicheBlast, Day Tipper and Infobarrel.


The trying part now is not where to send the articles, but to get the articles done well.


Thanks again goes to Hubpage and WordPress for all the mentors who’ve written on the subject in ways we can learn from use and understand.  Even hit up Digg to see what it was all about, facing the news head on, we are changing so fast every day.


Credit also goes to for being one of the first articles to get our feet off the ground and inspired the Who Gave You Permission To Write? article.  Thanks a million for all you do.  The learning is worth the doing, easier said than done.  BraveHeart Women is the place we go for comfort and courage to carry on.


Mighty warrior Niche Blogger oh where would we be without your constant work and availability to teach us who we are and what we want to say?  You blogs of learning carrying us forward come what may.


Each and every one on this road of cyberspace we are traveling on today have helped many with taking the time to learn and express to us how we can make money to line our pockets with necessary things.


May the hunger in our real words continue to end as we click on food for the hungry sites and donate to the many sites for endangered species including the human race.  Care2, google, yahoo.  Truly, it is amazing what all of you that work there have been able to do.


For ten years or more we have tried to grow into something business like, now we just want you to know how much we appreciate you so and how the web has become a global thing.


The most exciting find so far today is  Share with us what works for you.


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