Come Dance With Me, Building Our Self Esteem

English: The Bighorn Medicine Wheel is a medic...

English: The Bighorn Medicine Wheel is a medicine wheel located in the Big Horn Mountains of the U.S. state of Wyoming. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Medicine wheel of the Lakota Native American p...

Medicine wheel of the Lakota Native American people (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Come Dance With Me

Writing online has become like a time machine for us.

What we present to the world in this cyber form, is  still
there, somewhere, if we put it on any platform.

On a journey, into nature, and back again.
Sharing what we find going around the medicine wheel, through every season, year after year.

We follow nature through the seasons, looking for the reasons
and learning a medicine wheel way,
looking, searching, finding a word that might convey,
all we are seeing and want to say.

Do You Believe You Can Do It?

How does my self esteem compare to others in this field?  Which field?  Writing, I am in the upper percentile.  In the photography end, don’t know yet, haven’t found a spot yet to measure it.  Look into again the crafting part of that.

Can I close any gaps I need to learn in the allotted time?  Which is less than a week for this new months project.  My focus needs to stay on printing out the photos I can for contests and for sale.  Still, how does that serve the earth?  Money goes to a “slush” fund to be saved for protecting mother earth.

How else can I grow, learn and change for the better?  Take care of my physical, mental and spiritual health on a continual basis.  Which of course today, brings me around full circle to that house I meditated at, dreaming a way of being a part of its life in some way that supports the both of our dreams to complete fulfillment.  Right there, in this lifetime, we leave that again as the one percent we leave open to spirit creating for us, we don’t know yet.

List Our Examples:

Too many colors, too many choices.  Start with the simply 7 of the rainbow. 7 in a drum beat that goes on all night long.  Only 7 ideas let it be written on this journey of our forever song.  Only 7 songs.  7 times on this earth. I am on the fifth one, build the work to last two generations then quit, be done with it, relax and be, finally.

Keep drumming, and strumming, and humming.  Keep story telling and yes it might become a song writer, regardless the word writer and photographer will always fit into it someplace.

What will I gain?  Love, joy, peace, happiness and laughter in a broader spectrum than I eternally have now.  More ability to share it someway.

What About Money?  I’ve come a long way on that journey and much remains to be studied and balanced in a way that is rewarding to everyone in our circle from this day forward.

How much will they want you?  Does it mean the ones who will pay?  Yes.  The ones that will show up for the day?  Yes    The ones that will be there for repeat business the ones who want us to go away.

They will want us enough for today and the rest of our working lives, which is from this day only 7 more am I going to be willing to do.  Then I want to be able to let myself go on a vacation that we have saved money for.

Will I not go on little working business trips before that?  I must, it is my destination.

Which brings me back to my part of the Self Esteem equation.  To travel with my RV load of stuff to local markets and up and down the coast or wherever traveling ones that pay for themselves to do such things to take in the sights.  Do I really want working vacations?  I surely can write about them……


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