Pink Sunset or Red Sunrise?

Pink Sunset

Wonderful Sunshine settling down, making the sky all pink. I love you sky for the way you think.
You help me find my element. Glad for camera’s that take pictures of you, so that at the end of the day; we remember to say thank you for such a fine display.

A new journey opens up to us no matter what, we must never give up and continue on this way. Oh, is that what you mean by single-mindedness?  Could be, could be.

This time, a lot of clearing has made more room to store all of the new dreams into.  If we could not start here each morning and night, looking out over the power lines that light our homes; into the trees, to you oh pink skies….  Then, without those guiding lights, we couldn’t go on.

Not as powerful anyway, we are so thankful again, for the ones of you who can, you need us, we need you.  Yes, probably these same words of humble gratitude you’ve  read enough places somewhere else.

When I gaze into these pictures that I was lucky enough to notice, I am reminded.

“Take nothing for granted. Everything can be a good lesson.  Everything is a gift.”

“Yes, everything.”

“Not if I don’t want it to be. Do you love me anyway?”

“Of course I do.”

Pink is a color, some tell me it is red, some only see the black, even brown,doesn’t matter, really.  That’s not the point of the story, our finest gift is not clarity.

“Do we want it to be?”

“Not really, unless it fits into this path of single-mindedness.”

“Then you realize this picture is also blurry.”

“It doesn’t want to be changed.  Rose colored glasses help the sun not to burn our eyes, I feel happy, enough said.”

There is good purpose in everything.  If I don’t find it in the mirror I am looking in, well then, best go find me another one where only love joy peace and happiness remain.  It’s my place in the world.


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