10 Reactions from non writers after you tell them that you are a writer. #writers 

So very true, love it.


1. “Are you trying to be like J.K Rowling?” Yes that’s right, I am writing a book about a school boy wizard who goes to a school for wizards and battles against evil. Sigh!

2. “Ooooh I want to write a novel, I have got the opening sentence in my head already” If only it was that easy…sigh!

3. “Bet you are writing the next ‘Fifty Shades of Grey…..saucy!” (cue a nudge and a wink) A favourite from older males.

4. Blank look and uncomfortable silence. Make mental note never to ask them to read or review your book.

5. “I read a really good book the other night, can’t remember who wrote it, you should read it”. Love this vague response, assumes you both read the same books.

6. “Oh…good for you” pause “nice weather we’re having” – cue point at sky. The classic ‘I am not interested’ distraction…

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