50 Ridiculously Easy Eco-Friendly Tips Anyone Can Master

it is up to everyone, we can do it.



Let’s be real: When it comes to being eco-friendly, we’re all guilty of a few infractions. Maybe you keep the water running while brushing your teeth, or maybe you’re addicted to shopping at fast-fashion stores for things you don’t really want or need. Whatever the case, we all do it.

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The good news is that—even if you’re not quite ready to commit to fully embracing a sustainable way of living, there are plenty of easy, practical habits you can adopt that’ll make a serious impact on the planet without drastically changing your lifestyle.

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Here, we’ve compiled a guide packed with 50 so-easy ways to be more eco-friendly now—simple, clever, and just plain useful tips that any lazy activist can do!

1. Take a fast fashion break.
As difficult as it may be, try taking a hiatus from fast fashion for a few months and consider…

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