8. Neil Young

Some great history here, thanks, I do love his music.

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Neil Young is a singer, songwriter and guitarist from Omemee, Ontario. The youngest of two children, Neil’s father Scott Young was a prominent Canadian journalist and sportswriter. His parents divorced when Neil was twelve; he and his mother “Rassy” Young moved back to Rassy’s hometown of Winnepeg, Manitoba, where Neil’s interest in playing music began in earnest. In addition to Neil Young’s contribution to popular music, the Winnepeg music scene of the sixties also produced two well-known bands, The Guess Who and Bachman-Turner Overdrive.


Although his early musical journey is more complicated, a brief summary is as follows. By 1964, Young toured central Canada with The Squires, among other bands. In 1966, he moved to Detroit to work with The Mynah Birds, a brief, ill-fated attempt to join Motown Records. Young left Detroit for Los Angeles, where he quickly integrated himself into the local music scene. He…

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