Earth Friendly Sink?

Kitchen sink.

Kitchen sink. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

road to white castles




“The gifts that make us dig out, and, figure out;

 Who we are, what we’re made for, and,

what we’re responsible for giving back to life.”

Tony Robbins



Yes, I am trying to make peace with her right now.  Having problems with the kitchen sink not draining.  Worrying about it way too much, starting to get angry that it’s not working properly.  Silly me, I am not a plumber, so stop blaming myself that it is still plugged up.

That led to looking for another solution.  For us that is turning on the HGTV shows to see how they rebuild and reorganize stuff.  My frustration grew.  Suddenly it dawned on me, I wasn’t watching anything about what to do with a plugged up sink, only total remodel which isn’t going to happen around here.

Mother Nature keeps calling me outside to seek a solution there.  To be thankful for what I do have.  A bucket under the outside hose that always leaks so I can water my beautiful flowers guilt free.  An abundance of blackberries already ripe on the vine.  So easy to focus on other things I do have instead of what I don’t.

We at least do have running water and two bathrooms that work that dishes can be done in with a little creativity.  When I thought of how the shows did help my line of thought, I imagined actually getting a new sink put in.  Well, since I know that means they’d have to tear everything existing out, sink, counter, plumbing pipes, hoses, dishwasher.  Yeah, my kitchen, a total mess, no working sink then either.

So where else could this growing amount of dishes be cleaned at?  Yes, outside in a couple of little plastic buckets just waiting for something to do.  Where would the hot water come from.  The kitchen is off limits, remember?  One bathroom has a better hot water faucet and an adequate counter to set up my cleaning dishes production.

To think all that stomach churning and knots in my shoulders could be melted away just by doing this good enough solution, amazing.

Of course, I am still hoping and praying that the new found “guaranteed” drain clog solution will clear my kitchen sink enough to use it again to do my dishes.  Suggestions have been made to turn the cold water valve and hot water valves back on in the drains that were dripping.  Won’t hurt to try.  That all started with our wanting to care for Mother Earth in such a way that we weren’t wasting  so much water.  Ours is on the low end of the usage scale, still…..I took on this challenge to see if without repairs we could lower how much water we used.

Maybe a little, I am beginning to believe it is causing more problems than not, running from room to room for the hot water that doesn’t work here, to the cold water that tastes better there, to a kitchen sink that doesn’t drain.

Oh and of course when the water went through a brown stage one day I wondered about the ability to continue doing 3 loads of laundry in one day.

Yet again as long as we do our best not to waste it, whatever that means is between us and Mother Nature, and all the creatures who share our same needs for water, clean, pure, abundant and healthy.  May all that I have today last us the rest of our days in a useful way where our hearts can be glad to say “Sweet Mother Earth, we are doing the best we can to care for you, we hear you Mother Earth and will try to do these things you have whispered to us.  Thank you for water in our house.”



“Nature has her own way of doing things.  She knows the heart of the matter.

 Heart felt gifts describe a day spent in wondering of her depth of splendor.  

Lovingly, she continues to survive regardless of the abuse we’ve carved upon her.”



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