Basics of Breath

Spirit of a Yogi

“Go to your breath”

“Focus on your breath/ing.”

These are two of the most common phrases any student will hear during a yoga class, but what does it mean? For many yogis of all levels, this is sometimes the most confusing, the hardest, and elusive part of the practice. One thing to remember: Yoga goes beyond the asana/posture. Though media fills people’s minds of thin women doing advanced postures, the core of yoga is not asana.

It is the breath.

It is the moment in between moments that brings the focus of the mind in towards meditation. Towards the ability to strengthen and discipline the mind. To be completely present throughout each minute of the day. This takes practice, which starts with…you got it, the breath.

The way in which the yogi breathes is balanced. What does this mean? It means that the breathe flows freely through both nostrils, fully…

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