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Every now and then I’ll branch out and attend a writer’s conference. My reasons for doing so usually stem from a bout of writers block or shear frustration at my own inability to move forward within the industry, so I throw my hands in the air and venture out to see what others are doing to carve out their own success. I become disenchanted with my own abilities and stupidly start to think that the only way to succeed is to emulate, instead of innovate.

Whenever I do show up to an event I have a blast. I meet a bunch of great people, listen to a range of interesting talks, and find a renewed love for what I do. But no matter how much I enjoy myself I never walk away from an event with that piece of elusive information that will see my writing and carer soar to…

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9 Proven Ways to Skyrocket Your Traffic

I love StumbleUpon, looks like I best get back to paying attention to those over there too.


Stumble Upon Can Help Increase Page Views My guest author got 40,000 referrals from StumbleUpon.


Why do some bloggers have posts that go viral and others don’t?

Why is it that you don’t?

One blogger who has experienced mind-blowing success offered to explain how he was able to achieve 40,000 traffic referrals just within the last year, and just from one source–StumbleUpon.

Useful Hints for Using StumbleUpon

Hi, my name is Jordan Dumer. I am a creative writer and random blogger at I recently reblogged a post of the lovely Janice Wald’s blog, Reflections. The post titled,9 Ways to Protect Yourself from Gambling With Your Bloggave some excellent advice for referrals using social media. I mentioned how I received over 40,000 views using StumbleUpon in under a year. She politely asked me for some pointers using StumbleUpon, and I humbly agreed. Here’s what I had to say-
Embrace the Random

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50 Ridiculously Easy Eco-Friendly Tips Anyone Can Master

it is up to everyone, we can do it.



Let’s be real: When it comes to being eco-friendly, we’re all guilty of a few infractions. Maybe you keep the water running while brushing your teeth, or maybe you’re addicted to shopping at fast-fashion stores for things you don’t really want or need. Whatever the case, we all do it.

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The good news is that—even if you’re not quite ready to commit to fully embracing a sustainable way of living, there are plenty of easy, practical habits you can adopt that’ll make a serious impact on the planet without drastically changing your lifestyle.

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Here, we’ve compiled a guide packed with 50 so-easy ways to be more eco-friendly now—simple, clever, and just plain useful tips that any lazy activist can do!

1. Take a fast fashion break.
As difficult as it may be, try taking a hiatus from fast fashion for a few months and consider…

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Ensuring Your Site is Mobile-Friendly

Working on it….good news

The Blog

Today, Google released a change to its algorithm that gives higher search scores to sites it deems “mobile-friendly.” Curious WordPressers might be asking:

  1. How can I be sure my site is mobile-friendly?
  2. What can I do if my site is not mobile-friendly?

1. See if your site is mobile-friendly

Visit Google’s mobile-friendly test link and enter your site’s address (e.g., or Google will then analyze your site and declare it mobile-friendly or not.

Did your site pass? YAY! Pass GO and collect $200 from the Community Chest.

2. What can I do if my site is not mobile-friendly?

If your site failed Google’s test, you might be using an older theme that’s not responsive. Responsive themes change their layout slightly when someone visits via tablet or mobile phone to ensure that important content like the site title, post titles, and post content can be read on smaller screens.

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Blogger Meet and Greet: Share Your Posts



BirdsWelcome to my third Meet and Greet.  I have seen some great connections made in the past and am hoping they will continue to be made.  I will keep holding these regular opportunities for bloggers to network.

My first two Meet and Greets were a way for bloggers to share their blogs.  Today’s Meet and Greet is about introducing your blog and putting your best post in the comments section. It should be representative of a post someone will see when they visit your site.

I encourage anyone looking for new blogs to read or new bloggers to network with to share in the comments section.

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Johnny Depp’s Daughter Lily is (Obviously) Gorgeous in Her First-Ever Fashion Shoot



Lily-Rose Depp made her red carpet debut last week at the Chanel Paris-Salzburg show in New York–and instantly we knew we were looking at a fashion It-girl in the making. Super-famous parents (those would be Johnny Depp and French actress and singer Vanessa Paradis) and genetic blessings aside, the 15-year-old pulled off a Chanel haute couture two-piece and posed with Karl Lagerfeld like it was no biggie. Oh, and there’s that modern, sandy cropped hair.

It turns out Oyster also thinks Depp has some model potential, shooting the teen for her very first fashion editorial. We guess when you’re the daughter of one of the world’s biggest movie stars, it’s only a matter of time before fashion photographers come knocking.

Two pictures were shared to Instagram by Depp and Oyster

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