In The Silence of Mind

You are always there waiting for me. To guide, to console. To say, don’t worry, just go. Get about the day. I find you as a comfort and a muse. Dinner time, no way, I have got to get some of my work done.
It is always late when I delay. Get back to dinner now, no, I found my muse for the day.

This silent mind is a lie.  No quiet spot will we ever find.  Put it down on paper, they say.  Tell your friends, and journal.  No way.  Start a blog, just for today.  Does that make it silent?  No way.
Don’t even go there, today is not in vain. You paid attention, finding the perfect selection, maybe yes, got lost in perfection. Went outside, forget about shopping. Took some pictures, the day is not done.

Did nothing wrong, caught up on email, to no avail.   Yep these are just ideas, quit wasting time.  We must get busy to make that dime.  The mind isn’t silent and drolls along, because you just keep singing and dancing without knowing the song.  Quit taking so long.  Now try.  Right now, you’ve got more than one page.

Pick a theme here or there?  Didn’t the directions say, it could just load it the way it is?  Then change it!

Try before the power is gone, cause then you will be crying all day long, that you waited again.

Sometimes emptying the mind onto the page, doesn’t make it silent, but it does stop its rage.

Believe them when they say, I am fine, I am okay.  We have, they keep getting sicker anyway.  Can we repair the aura by how our bodies fell?  Putting ourselves back together is a mind thing.  Front to back, back to front now, no longer from side to side, yet include up and down.

Yes, all around us in a circle the mind bided its time wondering what silence would mean if the body did its own work, if it was listened to as a gift.  As serving the world with its unique gifts and talents.  Listen with openness is what the body asks.  All these lessons are waiting to the path of perfect health.

Honor our body as the place where our soul resides, that too is a belief we need to take out of our minds so closer to silence it may become.  As we listen to our own inner intelligence can we honor our bodies as completely heaven made?  Yes, as we balance well-being with the gratitude of love for perfect health.  Our bodies our worthy of our care.  Listen to the brains of the heart as it helps us keep disease  of our body away as we invite more passion into our lives.

Much different passion than that of our minds which isn’t our most trustworthy guide.  Inner knowingness is, as our bodies continue to take care of us automatically most of the time, breathing, heart beating, waking and sleeping.

We can restore balance in our bodies with awareness.   How?  By creating  healthy habits that we feel happy about that sooth our mind.  Like a morning meditation of quite music, or a solitary walk in the sunshine.  Actively saying good morning to all of those parts of our bodies that were at rest and now must get moving.


We thank you heart and breath and all the inner wiring of ourselves that constantly keep running as we go into precious sleep allowing the muscles and bones, tendons and toes, to recuperate from a busy awake state.  We are learning that our outer world of body reflects our inner world of the mind.

                                “Music in the soul can be heard by the universe.”  Lao Tau

Greater harmony between body and mind leads to a happy calm space that makes worthwhile our existence.  How to obtain this bliss?  Try to become conscious of what would makes us feel that.  Fresh flowers blooming in a vase?  Scented candles burning about the place?  A clean work space?  Food cooking with a savor we can almost taste.

Even changing the spaces we dwell in.  No, we don’t have to move away unless we want to.  We can rearrange the furniture, get new pieces, clean them up a bit.  Put new pictures on the wall, listen to different music.  Change the view outside the windows putting up a bird feeder or two.  No this isn’t just women’s work, a man needs fresh plants growing in his environment too.  A clean window to look out of to keep nature in view.

“The perfect medicine for us is often blooming right outside our front doors.”

Nature in the skies above us ever-changing with the blowing wind.  The trees that bring us fruit and food a plenty.  Tending to a vegetable garden we ourselves have planted, satisfaction guaranteed.  The natural scents and spices that drift into our open windows from setting herbs in the sills.  These are some of the creature comforts that nourishes the brain into a quieter state of contentment and rest.  There is nothing selfish to having a peaceful life.

As we keep what our minds see outside of us positive with colorful art and music that soothes us, in that, our body heals itself when we listen to it.