Our Time Is Now to Love The Earth


SOMEONE TALKED – NARA – 513672 (Photo credit: Wikipedia)



In our continued studies of the Whirling Rainbow of peace we found a wonderful booklet on a google search of the Crystal Skulls.  We first read about them in some of Jamie Sams books.   The world wide changes coming that have been predicted as these years before us.  We are in the midst of it all regardless.  In this year of 2015 it is time to accept that our Earth is in the height of her changing into a clean and pure new self.  We can be a part of the solution or continue with our destruction of self by not participating in learning how to heal.

How do we participate?  Be true to ourselves.  Find out who we are as part of this ever changing earth.  We are not below her or above her, we are a part of her.  We share with all of nature in the unfolding of the circle reuniting.  We can continue to say our visions are only bad dreams or we can awake to them, asking them what they mean for us to share with the rest of humanity.

Some of us still do not want to be in our human bodies and wait until another day to share the soul of our hearts.  Some of us know now in the old age of our physical lives that we will continue to be children of the stars who choose to live here on earth as a human being because we love her and want to do our best to keep her alive.

It is not an easy thing to admit.  Yet, as a rainbow warrior, we pick up our arrows and stand true for all the years we have been blessed to study these peaceful ways of our native ancestors before us.  Our visions continue to support that as we dream of new signs in the trees calling us to continue our cry of protecting them by planting tree seeds that will grow faster than the ones being cut down.  It seems like an impossible task, one we are failing at as the surrounding neighborhoods continue to cut down the trees and build homes out of them.

Homes which stay empty and for sale made out of wood that slowly decays with no one able to afford to live in them.  Instead we continue to wander the streets homeless, without any food for our tummies or a place to sleep.  Some of us choose to live that way as a statement to our love of nature.  That is okay, some want homes, yet have not the mindset to understand a way to accomplish that in this society.  A society that takes the trees and builds houses to make them money.  Then we have to pay them back in money and taxes to live in a home we cannot afford because we have no jobs.

Are we saying then to not build any homes?  No, maybe just no longer out of wood.  Maybe not until someone asks us to build one for them on their personal little property.  Forget about the clumping of a bunch of houses stuffed in on your proud cleared land of opportunity. Will they soon cave in as we continue to thunder and roar our support for humans playing their best games, saying to give back to their communities?

It has been a prophecy for a long time that this western world near the pacific ocean will have major earthquakes and fall into that sea.  The legends tell of a blue man who will be the cause of it.  No, we do not understand what that means.  We only know we are in the midst of it and that it could be a sign to climb higher into the mountains now instead of remaining by the water.

We will continue to share what has been written and no longer be afraid of traveling to whatever blue sky and green tree our Spirit leads us into.  Many paths stand before us again to choose.  All we know from this day forward is to stay true to the future we want to be a part of.

“Illumination is freedom and clarity of thought.”





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Sequoia sempervirens in Redwood National Park

Sequoia sempervirens in Redwood National Park (Photo credit: Wikipedia)


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