Traveling Along The Blue Highway, Sky and Sea

Juvenile bald eagle, Haliaeetus leucocephalus ...

Juvenile bald eagle, Haliaeetus leucocephalus with salmon at Katmai National Park . The image is a digital picture of my old print. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Dead salmon in spawning season, U.S. Pacific N...

Dead salmon in spawning season, U.S. Pacific Northwest (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

When the road you live on is high above the sea water you are where the eagles love to breed. They are sitting right over there perched up in those evergreens above the water, looking for the salmon to come upstream. So yes,we quite often see them, almost on a daily basis because of the salmon the trees and the seas.

Yet, we also believe it is for another reason. We love them, they love us too.  We have sought them out all our life.  We remember seeing them off and far away circling around the mountain catching the salmon in that steam.

Just now, a new remembering because of what we have just seen….Oh yeah, that was the promise we made to ourself for the mighty someday.

  • Someday, we want to see those mighty birds of might and majesty and the presence of God and Great Mystery as some believe.
  • Someday, we will live where they grow strong and free and are much closer to us. It meant in reality, we had to get closer to them.
  • This close, we thought we would never be. And yet, more than once, twice even it has been still a marvelous miracle.
  • Someday this next thought won’t have to be. Now I know the first thing you are going to say is no way, that isn’t possible, prove it to me.
  • Our someday for a way of life around them has come true in so many ways.

We did believe at that very moment, that it was something pretty special and extraordinary to see.

So back to the beginning, out on the porch putting new soil into pots to make our little houseplants happy.

Hurry up, hurry up, sensing an urgency whispering through the trees, get on your walk, it is too nice of a day to be this close to the inside.

I will, I will.

Now my love, gotta get ready to go.

Stood inside the door a minute when we saw the mail coming by, so glad she had a package for me, it kept me outside. A wonderful present of new shades to see outside in this mighty bright sunshine.

Then, again, the urgency, get out to the road, now,  moments pass too soon.

Go, quickly now, hurry, like the speed of light.

When the sound or thought sparks in your mind, go look, then decide.  Grab the coat, the hat, when that sweet voice of nature in the wind, in a bird, in the chipper of the sea, go, try to discover what it is, just go.

That is when we  understood in an instant what the animals were trying to get us ready for.  In that same instant or two, as we saw the whooping sound, not a helicopter but a bird.

Not just any bird mind you, not another small tiny one that flits all day long in our yards. Oh no, with wings tucked tight, straight through the trees from the water, not over them at all, close to the ground now, it didn’t bother him at all.

This bird, splendor of a bird even had a car following him really slow, he wasn’t running from it oh no, with head held down in hot pursuit, following down the middle of the roads bright yellow line, straight as an arrow, on a mission it seemed.   We turned and watched as he plunged through the trees blocking the sky at the end of the road once again flying over the sea, he was.

Yet it is really just a big circle to the other side of where the sea water again does come in with fishes a plenty, his majestic favorite kind. Oh to have been able to see what he was after.

If you haven’t guessed it already an eagle, yes, an eagle, with its mighty white head and golden beak holding his body in perfect formation, those mighty wings flapping, saying to me. Get busy, look and see.  Great Mystery is close at hand, reply to this business, keep at it, how much more support do you need than this?

None my Spirit of Great Mystery.

We are humbly blessed with these ears to hear this bird around our creative home.  What a sight to see eagle so close.

Trying to explain with words again the awe of the moment. With only the lens of our senses in our human bodies, through our majestic round eyes.  Simply with our minds and bodies we were able to record what beauty of nature unfolded right before us, by listening to what spirit told us.

What we felt most at that moment is our description of love.  No wonder in our human condition can we never live up to it.  The grandeur of it all rises again above our humble opinion.  Yes we can receive it, fill ourselves up with it.

So thankful for her, oh mighty moments with mother earth, keeping us outside.

So thankful we stood there on the porch wondering what the dogs were yapping about, listening.

Wondering why as we were looking about in the trees, walking, as the birds were tweeting in the trees.

“Pay attention pay attention, something is coming, something in that unusual way when you get a gift from mother earth, something exciting……”

No, not all of those words, never know all of them ahead of time. We didn’t respond to what we heard as quickly as we’d wanted to, can blame it on the mailman.  Then we would have already been out on the road where the mighty view we saw would have lasted longer than it did.  Yet, the replanting of the pots more truthfully would have kept us on the porch.

So mighty glad we were walking out to the mailbox.

How much more love do you need than this?  None my Spirit, none at all, we are blessed beyond that Great Eagle we call, that great Eagle that told us long ago at this place, if you live here long enough you will see my face.

To this day we find ourselves thrilled and amazed.  It is our season to fly warming up.

So much a part of our world for such a long time.  Yet as the water flows south, they call us to come to.

We are thinking maybe now that eagle flew so close for us to see, and hear him say.

“Don’t worry, sometimes trees get in my way of those luscious fish and rabbits I need to feed my little babies today.  Do not worry, it is okay, we gave permission, we were asked, you prayed on our behalf for all the trees we love to live in. There are still around us. Okay to clean things up a bit.  Follow us south for more sunshine, it is time.

We the grand eagle think that is maybe why you were born for us. You can explain like no one else can how it feels to know we love you that much.  And no, not just you personally, but all humans, all humans who love the earth and will do what they can.  Keep sharing the earth while raising your own human families.  Not too fast, too industrialized, or too much citified, not too much water, not enough earth.  Are we robbing her, instead of protecting her?”

What more do we need from them here to speak on behalf of spirit to the corporations for the needs of the earth?

We support you on your path, thank you for supporting us on ours.

Do you think that is what mother earth, the ground we walk on is saying? I don’t know for sure answered low flying eagle, I listened to that same voice as you, Na, they say birds don’t have that same intelligence as us humans. Well, they could be wrong, we were here before you. This is true.


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