What Can I Do To Increase My Energy Levels?

English: These are atomic energy levels with t...

English: These are atomic energy levels with their sub-levels. Notice that the s orbital from the next higher energy level has slightly lower energy than the d orbitals in the lower energy level. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)


Visualization In Ten Steps


1.  I am worth it.

2.  It comes from pure desire.

3.  Teach the body to relax and breath, first.

4.  I feel this vision so intensely I can taste it.

5.  Use my tools to start building the blueprint I’ve been given.

6.  Put myself in the picture, see myself communicating clearly.

7.  Honor love, joy, peace, happiness and laughter that will always be included in my vision so that I may trust it is the path to follow with gratitude.  

8.  Go on a walk, listen to mother nature whisper.

9.  Let It Go

10.  Know that it is done.


 (notes from the book the school of life work.)  Zen and the Art of Making A Living,  A Practical Guide to Creative Career Design.

English: Molecular energy levels and Raman effect

English: Molecular energy levels and Raman effect (Photo credit: Wikipedia)



Yes, more energy is what I need.  No, it isn’t.  You have an abundance of energy, you just do not know what to do with it. Do you want to know how to channel it?  Yes.  Then do the things on this list for yourself first.  Living the vision, for you, comes first, then sharing it, then building it.  The mirror image, reflected back always looks different than it seems.  Remember the rear view and where you are at in the dream vision.  Are you willing to take on such an ARDUOUS task?  Yes, today, I can.  Look at the chart, just added two more colors.  Red and purple…..next ones to study.

Here is where the single-mindedness steps in.  Do all of these fit into the same career box?  Can they all be added under the same blue print of the building, foundation, webstore, place?

Are they connected to Mind Body and Spirit Wellness?  Do they all serve one another?  Yes.

Wholesale buys the pure oils to build the place with.  Retail sells the finished creams, wellness products and foundations.  What becomes of them in our hands is what is shared to sustain us and teaches them to do the same if they want, or not.  We have the tools we need to take care of ourselves and our families.

We create our unity in our community of choice.  Easily done with a webstore.

We create a wellness place for our families to go out into the world and provide for us.

We are the consumers of the finished product, the shoppers at the retail stores online and out, we are the social interaction hub, taking care of the physical selves.

As visuals and dreamers with strong intuitive connections to our advisors, we find a way to write down, show and tell the the dream and or vision in a way that can be understood by the builders of the blueprints and foundations.  The contractors, the philanthropies willing to back us up, our hubs of creative energy think tanks.

Our secret place, our save haven, whoever, whatever, whenever, our starting place, our Great Spirit, Our Divine, our 10%, 30, 60, 90%.  Our acceptance that in this lifetime there is no such thing as perfect, that even if it is only 1% we let go of in trust, is good enough to start with.

Attitudes are more important than facts.  Carl Menninger


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